There is a key ingredient to maximizing your profit – knowing and managing your audiences

No two dealers’ business models are the same, just like no two shoppers are the same. You deserve a website platform as unique as the challenges your dealership faces–one that can understand and change dynamically to respond to your individual shoppers’ interests in real-time. So you can connect with shoppers that match your business goals and are most likely to return you the highest profit.
Start understanding and managing your online audiences today.  So you can close more of your customers tomorrow.


How Can You Engage Your Audience?


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The New Keys to Closing Your Most Profitable Customers

Join CDK’s Rob Campbell to see how your dealership can make real-time investments in your most profitable audiences.

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Audience Management Package

CDK’s Audience Management Package unlocks that proven power of personalization for your dealership. It’s the only automotive website platform that’s smart enough to track individual shopper behavior on & off your site, learn from it & then deliver customized content to your visitors on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Your Audience Management Package gives you the choice to target your most profitable audience, amplify what’s unique about your dealership & deliver a 1:1 personalized digital experience that will drive customers to your store who aren’t just ready to buy, they’re happy to do so.

What’s Included in the Audience Management Package


Audience Insights Package

CDK’s Audience Insights Package brings together our all-in-one multi-screen website and inventory merchandising platform that allows you to create & optimize your content and manage your inventory all from one place.

Your Audience Insights Package also brings you never-before-seen insights into your audience segments and reveals which new makes & models are generating the most interest. You can also track engagement on your site so that you can adjust your strategy and content accordingly to meet your business needs.

Choose Your Audience Website Package

Audience Management Package

Audience Insights Package

  • Audience Insights
  • All New Multi-Device Website
  • In-market Shopper Inventory Merchandising Solution
  • Automated Dealer Incentives
  • Inventory Exports
  • Video Merchandising Tools
  • Customized & Automated Promotion Offers
  • Dealer Command Center
  • Dealer Analytics & Reporting
  • Audience Service

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