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Creating a Seamless Shopper Experience Across Devices

We live in a world of device multiplicity. A single shopper may browse your inventory on her tablet at breakfast, visit your hours and directions page on her phone during her commute, and then jump over to her laptop to check out your specials at work. And her goals are different on each device. Having a multi-screen strategy is vital to the success of your dealership.

But the days of maintaining and optimizing your dealership website for separate experiences on desktops, tablets, and smartphones are over. Our flexible platform is uniquely capable of creating the optimal online showroom experience on any of your shoppers’ screens.

What You Get

What You Get

  • An online showroom that optimizes for each screen— desktop, tablet & mobile
  • A flexible website platform capable of delivering a personalized experience to each and every shopper based on the previous activities an individual performs on and off your site
  • One place to create, update and optimize your website content
  • Google’s top recommendation for website architecture, including:
    • The same URL across all experiences
    • Consistently indexed pages across multiple devices
  • The most powerful analytics tool in the industry
  • Unmatched support and service

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Personalized Shopper Experiences

It’s one thing for your website to identify devices. It’s a whole other to identify shoppers, and then serve up a personalized website experience for each one.

CDK Digital Marketing offers the only automotive website platform that’s smart enough to track individual shopper behavior across multiple tiers and 3rd party properties, learn from it and deliver customized content to your visitors based on their previous online actions. Our exclusive technology helps your dealership create a uniquely personalized digital showroom that is proven to inspire deeper online engagement between prospective buyers and your inventory.

How We Do It


Let’s Get Personal

CDK Digital Marketing websites automatically display personalized content to each visitor through a wide range of smart widgets, including:

  • Hero Sliders – Let your visitors know right out of the gate that you’re the right dealer to do business with by showcasing the right vehicle a shopper is looking for
  • Specials – Add urgency by highlighting current specials for the vehicle each shopper is looking for
  • Inventory Search – Less clicks mean more conversions. Improve the shopping experience by making it easier to see the right inventory quickly.
  • Model Showroom Carousels – Capture more shoppers by highlighting the vehicle a shopper is looking for and suggesting cross-shopped vehicles you offer
  • Customer Reviews – Build confidence and trust by showcasing positive reviews from customers who purchased the same vehicle a shopper is considering

Is your website platform delivering the right content, the right message, and the right calls to action, at all the right times to all the right shoppers?

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Flexibility & Control: That’s How You Roll

No other automotive website platform couples consumer personalization with dealer customization and control quite like a CDK Digital Marketing site.

Our flexible platform makes it easier than ever to differentiate your dealership, market all of your profit centers, and capture more consumers during their digital shopping journey.

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Flex Features

CDK Digital Marketing’s Flex websites offer the tools you need to quickly and easily infuse your dealership’s brand and message across each page on your site. They include:

  • Easy back-end tools, including a true drag-and-drop interface that allows you to change your website layout in real-time
  • A powerful and ever-growing widget library that enables you to add functionality to your website with a single click
  • The most powerful analytics tools in the industry that unlocks real insights into your visitors and vehicles
  • Your dedicated Account Advocate, a true specialist in the latest automotive digital marketing best practices who partners with you to set, achieve and measure your dealership goals

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I wanted to make sure we had all of our channels and messaging aligned on the site and integrate our social media and customer reviews. The Flexible Website Platform made it easy to get that done.

Adam Jones, Internet Sales Manager, Tom Hesser Chevrolet

Dealer Command Center

Dealer Command Center (DCC) is your one-stop portal to editing, optimizing and monitoring your website platform. DCC brings together all of the essential tools you need to quickly and easily edit text, change images, update specials, create new landing pages and measure your site’s performance, all without any knowledge of HTML.

What’s Inside DCC


Key Features

You can become master of your digital domain from any Internet-enabled device, 24/7. DCC holds the key to managing your:

  • Integrated Inventory Listings: By working together with you and your manufacturer, our new inventory pages reduce consumer confusion and streamline the consumer’s connection with your inventory and your store. The integrated inventory listings display full vehicle details, including dealer options, and seamlessly update across the network.
  • Inventory Specials: Tired of managing multiple platforms? Each vehicle listing, including your inventory specials, automatically synchronize across desktop, tablet and mobile devices without having to start from scratch.
  • Insightful Analytics: The most powerful analytics tool in the industry gives you real, actionable insights into your shoppers, vehicles, and website traffic. And you don’t need a PhD to understand it.
  • Large Widget Library: Easily add engaging functionality to your website using our widget library. No HTML necessary. No coding required.
  • Search Engine Optimization: We make sure consumers find your site by building it from the ground up on a solid foundation of SEO essentials

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