Connecting Dealers and OEMs with Car Buyers Across the Internet

Dealix provides dealers with the most efficient way to connect with new and used car buyers who are researching their auto purchases on the independent sites across the Internet.

Why Get Automotive Leads from Independent Auto Sites?

The vast majority of new and used car buyers prefer independent Internet sites when shopping for cars, and they make key purchasing decisions on these sites.

Dealers need an efficient and cost-effective solution to connect with the qualified buyers who are shopping on these independent auto sites. Dealix provides that solution. To learn more, click here.

A majority of new car buyers shop at independent auto sites, and more leads are generated at these sites than dealership and OEM sites.1 To reach these buyers efficiently and economically, dealers need a proven strategy.
New Car Leads
Let the Network do the Work of Finding the Best Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales Opportunities for you.
Used Car Leads
Target areas of your territory that have the most new car interest and improves overall ROI, while also eliminating out of market leads.
Dealix is the only lead provider to offer information about the prospect’s past lead activity.
Buyer Insight™
Dealix partners directly with auto manufacturers to provide enterprise-level solutions and access to car buyers who prefer shopping on the top independent auto sites across the Web.
Enterprise & OEM Services

Live Chat

Don’t leave your prospects hanging. Today’s Internet is a playground for instant gratification, and if you don’t respond to consumers promptly, someone else will. Get the ball rolling right away with our online Chat solution. Keep your car-shoppers engaged by providing immediate information via instant messaging or ‘chat’. This informal communication method allows dealerships to respond to consumer’s questions and needs in real-time through text-based internet chat.



The Benefit to Your Dealership

  • Increased traffic to your showroom and service bays by engaging customers online via chat
  • Engage more browsers – 90% of customers leave your dealer site without leaving any information*
  • Serious Buyers – 88% of Live Chat users buy within a month*
  • Increase Floor Traffic – 80% physically visit your dealership*
  • Support multiple departments (Sales, Parts and Services)
  • More than pays for itself with increased service appointments and parts sales alone!

CDK Digital Marketing has partnered with Outsell and Contact-at-Once to provide you with robust and advanced chat solutions specifically for dealerships. From dealership staff to trained agents responding to chats, this technology and service gives you a competitive and affordable edge to drive more website shopper into serious sales and service customers.

*Source: Outsell

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