Owner Marketing

Keep Customers for Life

Compared with traditional marketing methods, such as TV, radio and print advertising, email marketing costs just pennies per message (or less) and is infinitely more trackable. Dealers working to supplement revenue with increased fixed operations streams can gain measurable results from utilizing owner marketing strategies to stay in touch with and better market to current customers.

CDK Owner Marketing includes DMS matching to find missing email addresses for customers in your database. Monthly “e-append” matching from ten national database partners greatly expands your data set and customer reach. Seasonal specials and promotions in a wide selection of eye-catching designs engage customers year round.



  • A dedicated Email Marketing Specialist to create and manage your campaigns and reporting results
  • Easy implementation with no technology to deploy or software to install
  • Email address matching and monthly database updating
  • Optimized email delivery and bounce recovery

Contact us today to begin continuous communications with your customers throughout the entire lifecycle of their vehicle ownership.

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Email Marketing Specialist

Your Email Marketing Specialist (EMS) will help you customize an email marketing strategy that will drive customers back into your showroom and service bays. Our EMS team is uniquely trained to:

  • Design & deploy custom email marketing campaigns
  • Manage the timing & frequency of your communications
  • Monitor successful delivery and analyze email performance & trends
  • Coordinate your email strategy & execution within your integrated marketing strategy