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Turn Customers into Community

When it comes to social media, consistency and expertise are what separate a cutting-edge program from a casual presence.

Consumers are constantly engaged on their social network sites, “fanning” and “friending” personal and business interests as part of their daily activities. An effective social media strategy matches this consistency, keeping the conversation going long after the car sale to keep customers for life.

What You Get

What You Get

  • A dedicated Social Media Specialist to implement your social media programs and monitor your sites.
  • Industry-leading content keeps you top-of-mind, while simultaneously increasing search engine rankings through keyword optimization and inbound links.

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Social Media Specialist

A dedicated Social Media Specialist ensures a dealer’s social media strategy is aligned with their offline strategy of brand promotions, local sales events, community involvement, and dealership public relations efforts. Our specialists monitor, manage and optimize your social media accounts utilizing six-month media calendars, successfully driving a dealer’s social media strategy across all relevant channels.


Engage and increase Search Engine Optimization with Social Media.

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