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The world of automotive digital advertising is a noisy, chaotic space. It’s easy for shoppers to get distracted. At the end of the day the goal is to rise above the noise and stay in front of your local shoppers throughout their car-shopping journey.

It’s not easy. Only CDK Digital Marketing’s multichannel dealer advertising solutions can keep your dealership present on all the right channels, at all the right times, with all the right messages.

What Makes Us Different

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Automotive Moneyball

Let’s face it… analytics is a real pain in the assessment.

Download the new eBook, Automotive Moneyball, to learn how to make marketing decisions and set advertising budgets based firmly on the metrics that move metal.

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Predictive Powers, Premium Reach & Expert Analysis

Monitoring your shopper activity and your media performance in real-time? Moving your ad dollars seamlessly across digital channels? Distributing every last one of those dollars based on the ad placement proven to lead to a sale? Too good to be true? Believe it.

Every CDK Digital Marketing multichannel advertising campaign is fueled by the ultimate triple threat:

  • Our Budget Optimization System, aka The BOS, is the first and only automotive-specific advertising technology with the ability to move a dealer’s budget across all three ad channels – paid search, display and retargeting. In real time. Based on shopper engagement.
  • The CDK Digital Marketing Premium Network puts the ‘premium’ in ‘premium network.’ Simply put— no other network delivers the audience, reach or frequency.
  • Your account team helps set your strategy, and your dedicated Digital Advertising Analyst customizes, optimizes and executes your campaigns, all while measuring performance and consulting with you. There’s a reason they win awards.

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Meet the New BOS

CDK Digital Marketing’s Budget Optimization System is more than a platform. It’s an advertising partner as dynamic and agile as the shoppers it tracks and targets. The BOS is distinct in two critical ways:

  • Most platforms optimize based on clicks, and only clicks. Our algorithm ensures that The BOS tracks and triggers based on deeper shopper engagement that occurs post click.
  • The BOS optimizes your digital advertising investment across all of your digital ad channels— search, display & retargeting. It’s called cross-channel optimization, and it’s an automotive first.

In short, The BOS works for you, adjusting your ad spend in real time based on exactly when, and in what channel, your next advertising dollar should be spent. This means that your ads run at the right time, in the right channel and at the right price. No more guessing.

Download the eBook, Automotive Moneyball – The Best Kept Secret to Knocking Your Digital Advertising Out of the Park, to learn everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind automotive advertising platform.

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Putting the ‘Premium’ in Premium Network

The BOS is just the beginning. The key to a successful digital advertising strategy is balancing great reach with premium placement. That’s where the CDK Digital Marketing Premium Network comes in.

Advertising on our Premium Network is like advertising on prime time cable TV. It combines the power of real-time bidding (RTB) and dynamic inventory retargeting with our unique network of media publishers, offering dealers unrivaled reach and targeting.

And when we say ‘premium,’ we mean premium. Our unique relationships with a select group of direct publishers ensures that your ads will take center stage on the most important sites – the cornerstone brands – along the car shopper’s journey.


The CDK Digital Marketing Premium Network is the only automotive advertising network that:

  • Reaches a dealer’s local automotive shoppers and dynamically retargets them on both the JumpStart network AND our unique group of direct publishers, including Amazon, AOL Autos, Edmunds & Kelley Blue Book
  • Automatically includes all of these sites in a dealer’s multichannel retargeting campaigns, at no extra cost

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Your Personal Digital Advertising Analysts

Award-Winning Agency Expertise

Every good BOS needs a personal touch. That’s where our Digital Advertising Analysts (DAA’s) come in. 100% of them have earned Advanced Google AdWords certification. They’re prepared to help you set and execute a winning strategy.

It’s no accident that our digital advertising service and support organization has won five Market Tools ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Awards. CDK Digital Marketing’s committed to providing the best-in-class customer support to our dealer partners.

Our DAA team prides itself on offering a broad range of support options for both the professional “do-it-yourself” dealers and those who may prefer a more full-service relationship with their advertising specialist.

Your dedicated Digital Advertising Analyst will:

  • Combine the latest in digital advertising best practices with their years of automotive advertising experience to tailor your strategy to your goals
  • Provide customization around your dealership brand, seasonal promotions and events. This includes dealership logos, taglines, vehicle focus, geo-targeting, and more.
  • Collaborate with your Account Advocate to optimize campaign performance and results
  • Review your advertising results with you on a regular basis to assure that campaign performance is tracking to your marketing goals

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Amplify Your Why

PowerBrand multichannel advertising takes your “why buy” message and powerfully amplifies it across every major channel. It’s all about you: your tent sales, your special events, your service specials, your profit centers. You pick the campaign – we’ll develop custom creative. You pick your target audience – we’ll find them wherever and whenever they’re online and convert them to buyers.

What You Get


What You Get

  • Custom display advertising
  • Custom paid search
  • Customizable landing pages
  • Retargeting with live inventory
  • Mobile Content
  • Call Tracking Numbers
  • Detailed Campaign Reporting
  • Dedicated Support

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Your Dealership Edge

  • Showcase your unique brand, message & specials.
  • Promote your profit centers.
  • Target your ideal audience.
  • Conquest your competitors.
  • Get custom ad copy, display creative and campaign landing pages.
  • Drive more customers to your dealership.

Digital Advertising Packages

Master Your Ad Mix

A CDK Digital Marketing Digital Advertising Package saturates the most important online sources with YOUR advertising messages. This is achieved through a multi-channel digital advertising approach consisting of paid search, display advertising, display remarketing, mobile content, campaign landing pages and more.

No other online advertising package offers this much control and coverage. Our Flex advertising package empowers dealers to adjust their coverage options on a monthly basis, making it easy to drive revenue across all profit centers.

What You Get

Our website performance has consistently been on the rise every month since we first signed on to the Digital Advertising Package. Our conversion rate has risen to about double the national average.

David FerraezGreen Brook Buick GMC

What You Get

  • Dealer Branded Display Ads
  • Custom Campaign Landing Pages
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Display & Video Retargeting
  • Premium Placement Retargeting
  • Complete Model Lineup Coverage
  • Campaign Prioritization
  • Optional Email Marketing
  • Actionable Campaign Reporting
  • New & Used Vehicle Coverage
  • Service & Parts Coverage


Brand Boldly with Display Advertising

Create a powerful brand presence with display advertising. Consumer behavior has changed, and display advertising packs the high-impact, visual punch needed to keep your brand present throughout the entire path to purchase.

Americans now spend an average of 14 hours a week surfing the Internet. For consumers in the car-shopping process, 95% of that time is spent on sites other than the dealership site. Display ads allow your dealership to grab the attention of consumers and drive traffic back to your website.

What You Get

What You Get

  • Complete campaign and creative support, including ad design and copy.
  • Proprietary keyword and bidding technology optimizes media buys in real-time.
  • A dedicated Digital Advertising Analyst to develop ad strategy, manage your program and provide ongoing campaign optimization.
  • Industry-leading reporting provides rich, visual and actionable insights around customers, inventory, website traffic and even benchmarking against other manufacturer dealers.

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Get the most impact with your advertising.

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Always Something There to Remind Them

A bounce doesn’t have to mean goodbye. Our remarketing keeps your brand present even after car-shoppers have left your website. Our advertising solution offers access to the largest and most premium media networks in the industry; give them the nudge they need to choose you.

How ReMarketing from CDK Digital Marketing works:

Imagine a consumer visits your website but leaves without submitting a lead. When that same consumer lands on other websites in our network, we show them your dealership’s ads – displaying your actual live inventory – pulling them back to your website to help convert them into a lead.



The Benefits for Dealers

  • Target consumers in the later stages of their shopping journey.
  • Display ads feature actual scrolling images from your inventory.
  • Broad reach across networks like (AOL) and others, including premium placement on sites like Kelly Blue Book ( and Edmunds.
  • Increased conversion rates over traditional display advertising – remarketed customers are 3X more likely to click on your ad and 4X more likely to convert than new customers.
  • Improved ROI across all marketing channels.

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ReMarketing allows you to stay in front of shoppers who land on your website. But first you need to get them there.

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Your profit centers rely on each other. So should your marketing channels. Get the Multichannel Marketing eBook and coordinate existing media for maximum conversion.

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Always on Top with Paid Search

Attract local shoppers to your dealership with our Paid Search Solution. Paid Search allows you to customize campaigns for new or used vehicles, certified pre-owned vehicles, service, parts and even financing. Additionally, CDK Digital Marketing is one of an elite group of companies that has been accredited as a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner, carefully selected for years of in-depth paid search advertising expertise and the ability to provide full-service campaign management, detailed reporting, one-on-one customer support, and broad marketing guidance.

What You Get

What You Get

  • Our technology continuously adjusts your search campaigns for the highest possible return on your advertising investment.
  • Flexibility to target your campaigns with ad copy personalization, event promotions and more.
  • A dedicated Digital Advertising Analyst who develops ads and provides ongoing campaign optimization.
  • Industry-leading reporting provides rich, visual and actionable insights.
  • Advertising exposure on the most important search engines for today’s automotive shoppers: Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

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Combine paid search with organic search and display advertising for maximum exposure.

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Search Essentials

Your Paid Search Starter-Kit

CDK Digital Marketing Search Essentials is an entry-level, cost effective paid search service designed to help dealers reach customers that are in the later stages of the car buying process. Our ‘turnkey’ solution provides a baseline of local search coverage for a dealer’s brand and new vehicle inventory that will drive immediate results while keeping expenses down.

What’s Included

  • Targeted advertising to the hand-raisers in your market
  • New make, new model & brand campaigns
  • Radius, DMA & city targeting
  • Personalized branding in your ads
  • Low-cost, fixed monthly pricing
  • Rich, visual reporting that provides actionable insights

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