How to Get the Most Out of Your Most Valuable Resource

Your customers are now shopping online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So your virtual dealership and automotive marketing needs to function around the clock as well. You need to wisely manage the most precious resource in your dealership…TIME. So how do you work smarter and not harder? The answer…is what’s next.

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“OK, Great. Let me call you back in a few minutes.” Hangs up the phone and talks into camera.

Remember the “good old days” before mobile phones and this Internet thing? You would grab a cup of coffee, read the morning paper and just wait for an UP.

That was then. Now… life in a dealership is way more hectic. Customers walk-in, call the dealership and our mobile phones. They text, chat, submit leads and research online 24-7. So your virtual dealership and marketing needs to be functioning around the clock as well. It’s not easy, and to be effective,

A recent survey showed that just over 2 out of 8 hours in the average workday is wasted by inefficiencies. Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I had more time in the day?” Here are three things you should do NEXT to help you improve efficiencies and reclaim some of that lost time.

  1. Engage with your digital partners. And I’m not talking about sending an occasional email to your website provider asking to post a new special. Keeping your website up-to-date is just the tip of the iceberg. Ideally, there’s someone who can serve as a primary point of contact who can coordinate with your larger team of digital specialists to help you create an integrated approach across all your channels. They’ll be there to ensure that all of your channels are working together to support the goals and objectives of all your profit centers and to integrate your online and offline marketing.It’s like having a personal digital assistant… and who couldn’t use an assistant? Dedicating a few minutes each week to engage your trusted partners will keep your marketing message current and your sales on track, while freeing up time to do what you do best…sell cars!
  1. Your conversations with your digital team are too valuable to be spent discussing website updates or _________. And there are times when it’s a lot easier & faster to just do it yourself. You need a website platform that will make it easy to make site changes quickly. A fully-editable flexible platform with drag and drop technology will let you update specials, pricing and your marketing message in no time. It’ll free you up to have conversations with your partners that are less about tactics and more about strategies. But mostly, it’ll let you get back to doing what makes you money…and that’s talking with customers.
  1. One more thing about the partners you pick… If you’re coordinating your digital marketing through multiple vendors… just stop. It’s inefficient. It wastes time and money. It’s much more efficient to align yourself with a single vendor to coordinate your marketing across multiple channels than to do it with too many cooks in the kitchen. Not only will your marketing be better aligned through a single vendor, but the time you save reviewing reporting and developing strategy is huge. And should something go wrong, it’s quicker and easier to make one phone call to fix the problem than to spend hours tracking down each vendor.

What are some of the ideas that your dealership has implemented to become more efficient? Leave a comment below and share your experiences, ideas or questions. And don’t forget to check out another episode to find out what else is next in your dealership’s digital marketing. Just click the link below.

Thanks for watching, and I wish you, Successful Selling.

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