Automotive SEO
December 27, 2012

The Fluff-Free Guide to Writing Powerhouse SEO Content

We all know that when it comes to writing automotive SEO content, the quality of your content is what matters most. If it wasn’t already clear, Google has made sure to hammer us over the head with update after update, enforcing increasingly rigorous standards around requiring fresh, relevant, and better quality content. But how do we go from writing trivial …

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Dealer SEO First Marketing Dollar Spent
November 28, 2012

Marketing from the Ground Up: How to Spend Your First Marketing Dollar

If you are in the car business and control your dealer advertising budget, most likely you believe in marketing. So where do you spend the first dollar and why? For years, we’ve had this debate when building marketing plans. The concept goes back to my days as a child in a candy store. If candy bars are a nickel, bubble …

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November 7, 2012

Why You Don’t Need a 5 Star Reputation & Other Reputation Management Myths

Myth #1 You have to have all five-star reviews. If you don’t, no one will buy a car from you. The bad news is, the automotive industry has it tough right out of the gate. Our  automotive reputation management eBook surveying over 2,500 dealerships found that, for all other industries, the average reputation ratio is 80% positive reviews and 20% …

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Reputation Management
October 31, 2012

Are You Making These Innocent Mistakes With Your Dealership Reviews?

Are you unknowingly asking Google to delete your hard earned reviews? Are you possibly telling Yelp it’s OK to filter your 5 star reviews? Believe it or not, what was once considered forward-thinking when it came to automotive review generation could now be construed as downright fraudulent thanks to new and harsher review restrictions. Read on to find out how …

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October 19, 2012

Cobalt Study Reveals Car-Shoppers Shop at Least 8 Dealer Websites

According to new data from Cobalt’s car-buyer intelligence database, car-shoppers visit a minimum of eight dealer websites, with some visiting as many as twenty in a single day. With so much competition, what’s a dealer to do to win the sale? Start by putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes. We’ve all fallen victim to “couch coma comparison shopping,” where you …

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Customer Loyalty Begins in the Service Drive

Starbucks or Tully’s? Starbucks! PC or Mac? Mac! Jiffy Lube or Classic Chevrolet? Hmm? Dealership loyalty is elusive but exists; and winning the hearts and minds of your customers often begins and ends in your service drive. Exceptional service is difficult to find, so when a consumer finds it, they will likely become a customer for life. I once had …

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