March 5, 2013

9 Million Reasons Why VDP Views Are The Metric That Matters

By Shaun Kehrberg

The verdict is in: if they view the highlights, you’ll view the taillights. In other words, the more car shoppers engage with your Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs), the quicker your cars will move off your lot— and that’s a fact.

VDP Views Decrease Inventory Time On Lot

Just 12+ more VIN views could mean 44% LESS time on your lot

Based on an eight month study of 9 million VDP’s, 125 million website visits, and 250 million online actions, our automotive consumer research conclusively shows that:

  • VDP views and time spent on VDP’s are 2 of the top 4 online sales predictors
  • VDP’s with 20-30 pageviews spend 29% less time on the lot
  • VDP’s with more than 30 pageviews spend 44% less time on the lot

So how do you best position your automotive digital marketing strategy to be a VIN factory? We’ll address just that in an all-new Cobalt series: The Down & Dirty on Dynamic Inventory Merchandising. In this series, we’ll tell you how to harness the power of multichannel marketing to turn your dealer website into a VDP hot spot.

Dynamic Inventory Retargeting
Want more? Check out Part 1 – Refined Retargeting to examine the impact of Dynamic Inventory Merchandising in your dealership’s retargeting ads.
Source: Cobalt Business Intelligence VDP Study, 2012


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About the Author

Shaun Kehrberg
Shaun Kehrberg is Product Marketing Manager, Digital Advertising at Cobalt. He is focused on helping dealers understand the power of today’s advertising technology and the collective value of the Cobalt digital marketing experience. Shaun can be reached at 206.219.8203 or
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  • Brian Pasch

    Shaun this is a great article and perfect summary graphic. Dealers now have a better “focus” on how to measure the impact of their marketing dollars and even the ability to drill down into advertising campaigns to see the cost per VDP. Tools that allow dealers to quick visualize VDP views, and cost per VDP, will be a time saver for dealers.

    • Shaun Kehrberg

      Thanks Brian, we are seeing more and more dealers embrace VDPs
      and VIN activity as a measure of shopper engagement, and you are right, it’s
      important to understand the downstream impact of their advertising. In fact,
      that will be the focus of one of our later articles in this series – showing
      how dealers can leverage their VDP and VIN reports to better merchandise their
      existing inventory. Information like VDP views per VIN, time on VIN, and the
      number of leads generated per VIN can help a dealer know which vehicles may be
      priced too high and which vehicles to consider running specials on.

  • Alicia Auer

    Shaun- I’m loving this article as it is still timely and relevant to every conversation we have with our dealers in the Advocate role. Thank you for this!