Digital Marketing Experts

At CDK Digital Marketing, we believe technology can never replace the human element. That’s why we employ over 500 services specialists (half of our entire company) whose sole work is to support and advise our customers. CDK Digital Marketing’s Services organization is comprised of teams of experts who are devoted to the digital marketing goals and success of dealers. These teams uniquely combine their online expertise with valuable automotive industry knowledge to maximize online marketing effectiveness and drive more online business to the dealership.

The ProCare program provides a dedicated Account Advocate who is professionally trained to make your automotive digital marketing strategy shine. Many of our customers describe the rewarding relationships they’ve established with their ProCare Account Advocate as the highlight of working with CDK Digital Marketing. Once ProCare is engaged, the Advocate is the dealership’s primary point of contact and helps track and review the dealer’s online marketing results monthly. They work with the other Digital Marketing experts to ensure the success of your program.

Our digital advertising service and support organization has more than 500 of the industry’s top associates ready to serve you. We recently won our 5th Market Tools ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Award! This accolade demonstrates CDK Digital Marketing’s commitment to providing the best-in-class customer support to our customers.

The CDK Digital Marketing Team

Your Account Advocate is surrounded by a team of fellow digital marketing experts.

SEO Specialists

SEO Specialists provide ongoing website optimization, helping you to expand your SEO strategy from keyword research to website optimization aligned with your business goals.

Our SEO Solution

Reputation Management Specialists

Reputation Management Specialists help you to proactively monitor and manage your online reputation.

Our Reputation Management Solution

Paid Search Specialists

Paid Search Specialists work with dealership personnel to meet their marketing goals by developing the right campaigns, the right ad spend, the right keyword buys, and the right ad creative (or message) to get the best results possible.

Our Paid Search Solution

Digital Advertising Analysts

Our Digital Advertising Analysts help align the dealer’s goals with their online advertising strategy. This may include customizing dealership logos, taglines, vehicle focus, geo-targeting, or even just walking through the available ad creative choices.

Our Digital Advertising Solution

Social Media Specialists

A dedicated Social Media Specialist ensures a dealer’s social media strategy is aligned with their offline strategy of brand promotions, local sales events, community involvement, and dealership public relations efforts. Our specialists monitor, manage and optimize your social media accounts utilizing six-month media calendars, successfully driving a dealer’s social media strategy across all relevant channels.

Our Social Media Solution

Email Marketing Specialists

Email Marketing Specialists design and send custom email campaigns and leverage time-sensitive national /regional promotions to help drive customers back into the showroom and service bays and monitor successful delivery of communications.

Our Owner Marketing Solution