December 4, 2012

The Guide to the Modern Car-Shopper

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Introducing CDK Digital Marketing’s all-new eBook “The Guide to the Modern Car-Shopper: Connecting the Dots from Their Screens to Your Lots.” This insight-packed eBook was inspired by the industry’s darkest secret: dealers don’t buy cars.

That’s where CDK Digital Marketing comes in. This new eBook, based on exhaustive research by over 80 data scientists, reveals insights like the ones below.

Get Real Car-Shopper Insights like:

  • The average number of dealerships car-shoppers visit
  • What percent of car-shoppers visit OEM websites
  • The average length of today’s car-shopping journey
  • And yes, what made them decide to buy

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Get Real Car-Shopper Insight from the Industry’s Largest In-Market Automotive Data Warehouse

Dealers know cars, but CDK Digital Marketing knows car-buyers. In fact, there isn’t a company on the planet that has as much car-shopping data as we do.

Get to Know the Modern Car-Shopper

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