CDK Digital Marketing solutions power the online presence of automotive industry leaders across the globe. Manufacturers, Dealer Groups and thousands of dealerships trust CDK Digital Marketing to deliver innovative solutions built upon the industry’s most advanced and flexible digital marketing platform.

We are renowned for the scale and reliability of our platform. And we are committed to delivering flexibility and control to Dealer Groups. We help you leverage the advantages of your manufacturer programs while also maximizing your brand equity in your local markets.

Our flexible website solutions, optimized to convert the modern car buyer, are complemented by sophisticated advertising capabilities that efficiently drive traffic to your stores. We have the scale and experience Dealer Groups demand to optimize complex campaigns across all of your digital channels. Our approach helps you attract both brand intenders and shoppers loyal to your Group – because we know how heavily you invest in brand building.

We know Groups are data driven so we provide untouchable insights through our business analytics. With the largest data warehouse in the industry and a strategic commitment to business intelligence, we glean and share shopper insights that no other digital marketing provider can. So you can make the most effective decisions about your advertising investment.

Our award-winning Support Team takes our technology to the next level by executing flawlessly. In keeping with our commitment to flexibility and control, we offer a broad range of personalized support options for Groups – from full-service support to do-it-yourself, or somewhere in between.